Upload your Genome/Exome data to Open Humans

If you have had your genome or exome sequenced you can now add this data to your Open Humans account too. The only requirement for this is that the Data needs to be in VCF format (the most common format to store variants).

To get started all you have to do is login into Open Humans, authorize this integration and upload your new VCF data file.

Some of your questions should be answered in our FAQ.


Will my data be publicly available?

The short answer: No, by uploading your VCF file you don't agree to make your data public or give anyone access to this data. It will be stored in your account and you decide with whom to share.

The longer answer: It can be public if you want it to be public. If you're logged in into Open Humans& you can head to your personal data page, and make individual sources publicly available. If that's too much genome sharing for you, you can also see if there are individual projects or studies with which you want to share your genome.

Which file formats can I upload?

We accept your genetic variants in VCF format. This is the most common format for genome & exome sequences and companies like Full Genomes Corporation, Genos Research, Illumina Understand Your Genome, and Veritas Genetics offer services to generate these kinds of files.

Are other file formats okay too?

A regular VCF file should end in .vcf. If you have a compressed VCF file that is either vcf.gz or vcf.bz2, these will work as well. Please make sure not not change the format of the file though. Otherwise the processing on our end will fail and we will delete the file from your account.

Can I upload multiple files?

Yes, if you have more than one VCF file you can upload multiple files with this integration.

How-to get in touch:

This Open Humans project is hosted and run by the Open Humans team.

You can reach us via email at support@openhumans.org or on Twitter at @OpenHumansOrg.